12 octobre 2008

Behind The Scenes

The_Bigger_Splashes - Lise Marie + Mathieu, Caleb, Florence, Anne Lise @ Noisy Le Grand ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tout le monde et plus encore pour Midnight Rendez-Vous par Julien Palast @ Mycroft Galerie
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01 octobre 2008

A Sweet Hint Of Pink

Sneider chez YSL + Pierre + Palais de Tokyo Taxi de nuit. Rue de la Tour d'Auvergne. Tout va bien.
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01 octobre 2008

Le Coeur Matelassé

All that fun ? Twice a year ?Fabien, Florence, Caleb + all the team and more. A billion "piscine" later. As I stepped out of the car I was surprised to hear he would stay with him instead.Running up the 6 flights of stairs, I arrived at my door out of breath, head spinning Trashed and really relieved. No bad feelings, really.
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