30 avril 2005

Nous N'Irons Pas A Hyères

No we won't go to Hyères to enjoy the sun and the fashion crowd hysteria, but I bet we can have some fun anyway.I began by skipping my nap and had a drink with Greg at George's on the terrazza instead. Smart choice.Of course the service sucks and the drinks are overpriced, but isn't it always the case when it comes to a Costes bar, appart from the one at the Hotel Costes ? Anyway, the waiters are deliciously too much,the waitresses wear insanely short and glittery things but all of them are cute and smiling (they probably held a... [Lire la suite]
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30 avril 2005

Casting Day

Romain dormait lorsque je suis rentré comme le prouve cette photo, mais il avait disparu pour 10 jours lorsque je me suis enfin réveillé, il est parti se reposer un peu dans le sud. Lorsque j'ai enfin fini d'émerger il est bien temps de rejoindre Olivier à qui je dois donner un coup de main pour un casting, (son métier étant en partie d'en organiser ça n'est donc que bien normal). Mais bientôt il est temps de disposer, j'ai bien besoin d'une sieste.
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29 avril 2005

Soirée Mousse

Electro Freaks @ La Scéne Bastille.For once I did go out without my camera and it's really too bad, you missed the funky electro performance by D.I.P with wigs and crotchless fishnet tights. To made up for this mystake here is a very soft re-creation of the slide show you could see on the screens all night long. I really enjoyed this evening of cheer "post-electro-clash" fun, at times I had the feeling I was dancing in a very comfortable colourful bubble with flashes of lights, always surrounded by a cute/stylish/attitude... [Lire la suite]
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29 avril 2005

It's Oh So Quiet

Journée sereine.
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29 avril 2005

Un Peu Trop Silencieux

Your 20 yo cat die and a whole childhood comes back to you. As tears come in your eyes you begin to realise just how much you lost. 20 yo, I have memories that old, I never though I would. I cannot believe it. With this cat it's my childhood that is going to be buried in the garden, for good. It brings back stuff. As one said once : "It took a long time for life to be short."
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28 avril 2005

No Soda : No Fun

Romain étant de repos, encore une journée de balade multicolore à souhait.Dans la rue.Yvon Lambert - Ernesto Neto Emmanuel Perrotin - Bernard FrizeThadeus Ropac - Sylvie Fleury Les abords de la Galerie Karsten GrèveKarsten Grève - Paco KnöllerEn face de chez Calesta et de la boucherie Chevaline, rue Debelleyme. A la maisonLe soir chez Bertrand/Gerboise pour un délicieux curry, la fête continue.Avec la nuit qui vient les couleurs s'adoucissent et il est bientôt temps de rentrer chez soi.Content.* le titre de ce post provient... [Lire la suite]
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27 avril 2005

La Bonne Fréquence

After lunch I crossed the street and visited Saint Joseph's church, someone was playing the organ and it was fresh inside, it was strikingly beautiful in this huge and empty space, the stained glassed coloring the walls and the floors. I then chose to go down rue de La Fontaine Au RoiI did a break on Saint Martin Canal's bank and then at Artazart, a great bookstore for all things design, architecture, graphic design and so.Moving back to Republique, I stopped by this window above, it's actually a window from Franprix.I then... [Lire la suite]
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27 avril 2005

White House

Déjeuner avec Roxane. "Notre cuisiniére est géniale, elle est tellement Martin Marginale."
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26 avril 2005

Enfants Gatés

Some job interviews are bad for your selfconfidence and some others are rather positive.Today was a good day in this regard; after the interview, which took place nearby rue Cambon in the 1st arrondissement, I walked for a bit in Les Tuilerie's garden, the chesnut trees are in full bloom and the birds are in full heat, which is always fun to see. The pigeon's parade is my favorite. Olivier and Peggy came for lunch at home today. Pasta and strawberries. I join Jean under a very hard rain for a drink at L'Etoile... [Lire la suite]
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25 avril 2005

Soft Tummy

Les jouets et les grands enfants C'est magique : on ouvre le paquet, on plonge la boule qui s'y trouve dans l'eau et... ...voilà !!
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